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Ятвецкая А.В. Методическое пособие по работе с программами для обработки социологической информации

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Одесса, 2010. 2 документа по 59 стр. + приложения и пример статистической таблицы в SPSS. Сравнительная характеристика наиболее распространенных программ для обработки социологической информации на ЭВМ (ОСА, SPSS, Statistica и др.). Классификация программ по уровню функциональных возможностей ОСА Statistica SPSS for Windows Подготовка данных для проведения количественного анализа Запуск SPSS Создание кодировочной таблицы и паспорта анкеты Классиф...

Alfred DeMaris - Regression with Social Data, Modeling Continuous and Limited Response Variables

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2004, John Wiley & Sons, Inc; 558 pages. Regression models, in some form or another, are ubiquitous in social data analysis. Although classic linear regression assumes a continuous dependent variable, later incarnations of the technique allowed the response to take on a variety of more limited forms: binary, multinomial, truncated, censored, strictly integer, and others. Increasingly, regression texts are incorporating some limited-depende...

De Marchi S. Computational and Mathematical Modeling in the Social Sciences

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Cambridge University Press, 2005. - 220 pages. Mathematical models in the social sciences have become increasingly sophisticated and widespread in the last decade. This period has also seen many critiques, most lamenting the sacrifices incurred in pursuit of mathematical perfection. If, as critics argue, our ability to understand the world has not improved during the mathematization of the social sciences, we might want to adopt a different para...

Longford N.T. Studying Human Populations: An Advanced Course in Statistics

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Springer, 2008. - 474 Pages. This textbook is for graduate students and research workers in social statistics and related subject areas. It follows a novel curriculum developed around the basic statistical activities: sampling, measurement and inference. The monograph aims to prepare the reader for the career of an independent social statistician and to serve as a reference for methods, ideas for and ways of studying of human populations. Elemen...