Игра. WordGrid 1.0

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Build as many words as you can Play a Word Grid game agaist the clock. Make a word using the letters "Q", "Z", "J" or "X" and your time will be extended slightly. There's not a built in dictionary so only create words that you know and then you can create your own dictionary file as you advance further in the game! WordGrid is an addictive and educational word game that is both fun to play and enhances your spelling abilities. Best of all, WordGr...

Программа - Игра Виселица (HANGMAN)

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Словарный запас данной игры большой и охватывает различные сферы человеческой жизни (фильмы, компьютеры, спорт, народы, города, штаты). Можно выбирать разные категории. Все слова, естественно, на английском языке. Интересно поиграть на досуге.rn

Abbott E. English Lessons for English People

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Эббот Э. Уроки английского - для англичан. Edwin Abbott Abbott , sr. John Robert Seeley; — Roberts Bros., —1898. - 303 p.(text, all - 340 p.), English, (—Little, Brown., —1901; (Republ. 2012), — ISBN-10: 127905140X, ISBN-13: 9781279051405). This book is not intended to supply the place of an English Grammar. It presupposes a knowledge of Grammar and of English idiom in its readers, and does not adress itself to foreigners, but to those who, havin...

Barron's word list

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Barron's Educational Series. — 131 p. Словарь английских слов (от abase до zephyr) с комментариями, рекомендуемых издательством Barron's.

Barron's word list

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Barron's Educational Series. — 190 p. Словарь английских слов (от abase до zephyr) с комментариями, рекомендуемых издательством Barron's.

Buehler Huber Gray. Practical Exercises in English

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Publisher: Hard Press. ISBN: 1406908029. Number of pages: 186. Format / Quality: pdf in rar. Arranged For Use With Adams Sherman Hill’s Foundations Of Rhetoric. The art of using one's native tongue correctly and forcibly is acquired for the most part through imitation and practice, and is not so much a matter of knowledge as of habit. As regards English, then, the first duty of our schools is to set before pupils excellent models, and, in all de...

Conlin Mary Lou. Patterns plus: A short Prose Reader with Argumentation

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A Short Prose Reader with Argumentation Third Edition Mary Lou Conlin 1990 by Houghton Mifflin Company Printed in the U.S.A. Acknowledgments for reprinted materials begin on page 423. Patterns Plus, Third Edition, strives to give students a variety of models for their own writing and the stimulus for lively classroom discussion. Features of the new edition include: 40 percent new selections. Selections by traditional favorites such as Russell B...

Denton D.P. Basic English - The Easy Way (With Answer Keys)

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Cambridge Publishers, 1961. - 418 pages. If you're about to take off for a far corner of the globe where for the rest of your life you will hear and speak only Swahili, you won't need this book. But if every day of your life you're going to need your English in order to understand what you hear and read, and to make yourself understood, this book is for you. Language is your chief means of communication with the people around you, the most expre...

Devlin J. How to Speak and Write Correctly

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How to Speak and Write Correctly by Joseth Delvin, M.A Качество книги еbook - компьютерное This is a guide for those who wish to learn how to correctly create sentences, use figures of speech, write letters, and more, all while choosing the right words and doing it with style. Joseph Devlin’s words may not all be relevant still today, but at least it sounds good when it’s read aloud! In the preparation of this little work the writer has kept one...

Devlin J. How to Speak and Write Correctly

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This is an MP3 guide for those who wish to learn how to correctly create sentences, use figures of speech, write letters, and more, all while choosing the right words and doing it with style. Joseph Devlin’s words may not all be relevant still today, but at least it sounds good when it’s read aloud!rn

Ellsworth B., Higgins J.A. English Simplified : Grammar, Punctuation, Mechanics & Spelling, Usage, Paragraphs & Documentation

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  • добавлен 08 августа 2010 г.
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers. Publication date: 1997. ISBN: 032103807X. Number of pages: 111. English Grammar Simplified is a complete reference guide for writing. Sections on grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage make this a comprehensive guide to writing correct and effective sentences and making appropriate word choices. A section on spelling offers both a list of commonly misspelled words and a selection of proven techniques for s...

Find a Word 2.0.0

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Find a Word поможет пользователю в доступной форме изучать английский алфавит и слова. Это игра, в которой нужно составить как можно больше слов, используя предложенные буквы. Игра проходит в пять этапов, каждый из которых сложнее предыдущего. Пользователь устанавливает лимит времени: 30, 60 или 90 секунд, в зависимости от уровня знаний. Программа имеет встроенный словарь, и принимает только слова, которые там есть: это не должны быть имена собст...

LearningExpress. Reading comprehension success in twenty minutes a day

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This book is designed to help you improve your reading comprehension skills by studying 20 minutes a day for 20 days. You’ll start with the basics and move on to more complex reading comprehension and critical thinking strategies. Please note that although each chapter can be an effective skill builder on its own, it is important that you proceed through this book in order, from Lesson 1 through Lesson 20. Each lesson builds on skills and ideas d...

Montgomery M. Ways of Reading: Advanced Reading Skills for Students of English Literature

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Publisher: Routledge. Date: 2006. Format: PDF. Pages: 378. Ways of Reading is a well-established core textbook that provides the reader with the tools to analyse and interpret the meanings of literary and non-literary texts. Six sections, split into self-contained units with their own activities and notes for further reading, cover: . · Techniques and Problem-Solving. · Language Variation. · Attributing Meaning. · Poetic Uses of Language. · Na...

Nichols Maria. Talking About Text: Guiding Students to Increase Comprehension Through Purposeful Talk

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Publisher: Shell Education, ISBN: 1425805329, edition 2008, PDF, 112 pages, 17 mb. The best way to understand text is to think and talk about it. This NEW professional guide defines what purposeful talk is, why it is important, and how it increases comprehension. Students will be empowered to have meaningful discussions about texts as they implement the effective strategies modeled in this book. Research-based strategies promote building meaning...

Peterson Scott K. Ivan to Make You Laugh: Jokes and Novel, Nifty, and Notorious Names

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Publisher: First Avenue Editions. Publication date: 2003. Number of pages: 32. Format / Quality: PDF. Perfect for beginning readers, this laugh-out-loud joke book about nifty names will put a smile on your face! From the Publisher Filled with over 100 playful puns, goofy gigglers, sly spoofs, wacky illustrations, and more, each joke book in this laugh-out-loud series will keep kids howling for more!

Plain English guide to political terms

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National Adult Literacy Agency, 2006. This glossary is intended only as a guide for members of the public. The descriptions are not legal definitions and are not statements of National Adult Literacy Agency policy. Literacy difficulties can be a barrier to accessing, understanding and using information. As a result, adults with literacy difficulties may be excluded from: voting in elections and referenda; getting involved in political...

Salomone W. Inside Writing a Writer's Workbook

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Publisher: Wadsworth Date: 2011 Pages: 477 The first text to effectively integrate grammar instruction with writing practice, INSIDE WRITING, now in its seventh edition, continues to provide students with extensive writing exercises specifically designed to support and reinforce the rules of grammar, usage, and mechanics. Using engaging allusions and humorous examples and exercises throughout the text, ranging in topics from Karl Marx to THE SIMP...

Suter Joanne. Beginning Writing 1

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Development and Production: Laurel Associates, Inc. Copyright © 2001 by Saddleback Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the written permission of the publisher, with the exception below. Pages labeled with the statement Saddleback Publishing, Inc. © 2001 are i...

Weston W.J. A Refresher Course in English

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London: George Newnes LTD, 1950. - 155 с. Отсканированный pdf Эта книга предназначена для англоговорящих, намеревающихся освежить в своей памяти основные принципы грамматики, морфологии и стилистики, идиомы, особенности неправильных глаголов, в основном - сведения, полученные в средней (британской) школе и успешно забытые.