Химия и химическая промышленность
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4th National Graduate Research Polymer Conference
June 18-21, 2000. Hattiesburg. MS. 2000. – 93 p. Качество: 300 дпи, хорошее (OCR не вычитанно).
Plenary Lectures
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4th edition. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1999, - 2366 pages. The purpose of the Polymer Handbook is to bring together the data and constants needed in theoretical and experimental polymer research. All polymer researchers have experienced the frustration of searching for data in the ever-expanding polymer literature and know the difficulties involved in trying to locate a particular constant that is buried in a long journal article. The contribu...

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2nd edition, Springer Science+Business Media, 2010, 256 pages The theory presented in this book explains in a consistent manner all dynamic effects (diffusion, neutron scattering, viscoelasticity, optical birefringence) observed in very concentrated solutions and melts of linear polymers from a macromolecular point of view. This monograph reconciles different approaches to polymer dynamics and reflects the modern situation in understanding the...

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Oxford University Press, 2003. - 454 pages. This is a polymer physics textbook for upper level undergraduates and first year graduate students. Any student with a working knowledge of calculus, physics and chemistry should be able to read this book. The essential tools of the polymer physical chemist or engineer are derived in this book without skipping any steps. The book is a self-contained treatise that could also serve as a useful reference...

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