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Anderson Ronald D. IBHVG2: Mortar Simulation With Interior Propellant Canister
(Андерсон Рональд Д. IBHVG2: Моделирование стрельбы миномета с учетом процессов воспламенения основного заряда).
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD:Army Research Laboratory. 2006. - 73 p.
A method has been implemented for the Interior Ballistics of High Velocity Guns, Version 2 (IBHVG2) simulation program to model mortar systems, including an enclosed high-pressure igniter canister. The application allows initial pressurization of the canister until interior pressure reaches a force high enough to rupture a burst diaphragm. Combustion gases are then released to the larger (main) chamber to accelerate the projectile or to ignite additional propellant for the ballistic cycle. The canister may release its contents through a burst disk (directly and completely into the main chamber) or through vent holes (controlling rate of exhaust). Gas and particle flow through vents is regulated via discharge coefficients, which the modeler may use to closely approximate experimental mortar data.
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