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Braun J., van der Beek P., Batt G. Quantitative Thermochronology: Numerical Methods for the Interpretation of Thermochronological Data
Cambridge University Press, 2006, 258 pages

Thermochronology, the study of the thermal history of rocks, provides an important record of the vertical motions of bodies of rock over geological timescales, enabling us to quantify the nature and timing of tectonic processes. Isotopic age data constrain the ages of rocks and minerals, but in many cases they are interpreted without a proper understanding of the relationship between the age measured and the physical processes within the Earth. Quantitative Thermochronology is a robust review of the fundamental nature of isotopic ages, and presents a range of numerical modelling techniques to allow the full physical implications of these data to be explored. The authors provide analytical, semi-analytical and numerical solutions to the heat-transfer equation in a range of tectonic settings and under varying boundary conditions. The second part of the book illustrates their modelling approach, which is built around a large number of case studies. Various thermochronological techniques are also described in order to help the non-specialist
understand the benefits of each method.

Basics of thermochronology: from t–T paths to ages
Thermochronological systems
The general heat-transport equation
Thermal effects of exhumation
Steady-state two-dimensional heat transport
General transient solution – the three-dimensional problem
Inverse methods
Detrital thermochronology
Lateral advection of material
Isostatic response to denudation
The evolution of passive-margin escarpments
Thermochronology in active tectonic settings
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