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Buzan Tony The Mind Map Book (full version with illustrations in english)
New York: Pengiun Books USA, 1994. - 320

How to use radiant thinking to maximize your brain's untapped potential
Your brain is a super bio-computer that dwarfs any machine on the market. If you understand how it works and how to work with it, you can employ and enjoy astonishing powers of leaing, memory, concentration, and creativity in planning and structuring thought on all levels. Now, in The Mind Map Book, Tony and Barry Buzan have provided a comprehensive operating manual for all who want to use their brains to their fullest potential. Mind Mapping and Radiant Thinking, the revolutionary new method of accessing heretofore untapped intelligences, was developed by world-famous brain-power expert Tony Buzan by analyzing original breakthrough scientific insights into the workings of the brain. It is a process currently used with extraordinary success by multinational corporations, leading universities, champion athletes, and outstanding artists. The Mind Map Book is the only book that both explains the fundamental operation of the brain in terms of its thinking processes and explains how to unleash and haess its power.
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