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Conroy Paul J. Rheological studies related to interior ballistics: a historical perspective
(Конрой Пол Дж. Реологические исследования, связанные с внутренней баллистикой: историческая ретроспектива).
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland: Ballistic research laboratory. 1992. – 52 p.
The model description of the solid-phase physics used within the XNOVAKTC code is derived and discussed. The ideological requirements of an interior ballistic code are elucidated. A chronologically ordered overview of the experimental research efforts to obtain rheological data is presented. Several published articles are examined in detail to provide the pertinent published rheological data of interest to interior ballistics in one location. The conclusions include a parametric tabular comparison of the principal experiments of the past 20 years.
Solid-phase compaction formulation of the xnovaktc code
Reviewed rheology literature
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