Cunningam F. Gary, Leveno Kenneth J. Williams Obstetrics

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22nd edition, 2005

More than 2000 self-assessment questions and answers thoroughly covering every major topic in current clinical obstetrics, keyed to the premier text in the field
Evidence-based with a focus on the most important topics in today's clinical practice
Up-to-date guidelines and standards based on the latest scientific literature
State-of-the-art coverage of scientific advances in genetics, fetology, physiology of pregnancy, infectious diseases, and more
Questions and answers on the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, normal pregnancy and labor, pregnancy planning and postpartum care, and common complications of pregnancy
Reviews current practices in abnormal labor, operative obstetrics, placental disorders, fetal abnormalities (acquired and genetic), and techniques for fetal assessment
Additional questions and answers on preconception counseling, induction and augmentation of labor, and related women's health issues, such as chronic hypertensionrn

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