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Day C. Environment and children
Based on Christopher Day's experiences designing schools and early childhood centres in the United States and Britain, this groundbreaking book sets out to answer these questions and to offer solutions.
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Christopher Day Spirit and Place, - Architectural Press; 1St Edition edition (February 6, 2002), 253 pages 'Christopher Day's commitment to the creation of a sustainable environment is well known and, in many respects, beyond criticism.' Architect's Journal 'I have never read a book about architecture that so comfortably combines an intensely pragmatic approach with an innately spiritual understanding.' Resurgence Magazine 'This book is unusua...

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Earthscan, London. 2008, Earthscan publishes in association with the International Institute for Environment and Development. Текст распознан. Книга о современных экологических методах сохранения прохлады и защиты от перегрева зданий, что довольно актуально в настоящее время, в свете грядущего глобального потепления. Приведены решения для различных видов жаркого климата (пустыня, тропики и т.п.). Большое количество практических примеров.

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