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Dehn James T. Terminal effectiveness, vulnerability methodology and fragmentation warhead optimization
(Ден Джеймс Т. Конечнобаллистическая эффективность, уязвимость и оптимизация фрагментации боеголовки).
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland: US Army Ballistic Research Laboratory. 1980. - 98 p.
The design of a fragmentation warhead for optimal effectiveness requires a knowledge of fragment formation, launch and flight characteristics as well as penetration ability and target vulnerability. In addition, a knowledge of the expected engagement conditions between warhead and target as well as weight, volume and other design constraints is needed. Present views of the subject have developed over more than forty years, so it is to be expected that an intimate knowledge of this development will prove to be helpful in making further progress. For this reason various historical threads are woven together with new material in this report in order to lay the groundwork for future advances.