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Denis A. Coelho. Industrial Design - New Frontiers
Edited by: Denis A. Coelho. - InTech, 2011. - 190 p.
A new breed of mode designers is on the way. These non-traditional industrial designers work across disciplines, understand human beings, as well as business and technology thus bridging the gap between customer needs and technological advancement of tomorrow. This book uncovers prospective designer techniques and methods of a new age of industrial design, whose practitioners strive to construct simple and yet complex products of the future. The novel frontiers of a new era of industrial design are exposed, in what conces the design process, in illustrating the use of new technologies in design and in terms of the advancement of culturally inspired design. The diverse perspectives taken by the authors of this book ensure stimulating reading and will assist readers in leaping forward in their own practice of industrial design, and in preparing new research that is relevant and aligned with the current challenges of this fascinating field.
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Дизайн в моде, о нем написано много и напишут еще больше. Вполне понятно, на глазах одного поколения возникла и утвердилась новая профессиональная деятельность, которую нужно как-то осмыслить. Сначала писали о терминах, о том, что английское "design" - производное от итальянского "disegno", а означает не только чертеж или рисунок, но и сложные вещи - едва ли не всю область работы художника, за исключением станкового искусства. Потом писали о пред...

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Ava Publishing, 2008. - 184 p. The first book in an exciting new series that spotlights the basics of architecture and design, "Basics Architecture: Representational and Drawing Techniques" is an easy-to-understand overview of the techniques used to represent architecture. From conceptual sketches to the working drawings required for construction, this book covers all the basics. Two- and three-dimensional methods, freehand sketching, cutting-ed...

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Industrial design : conceptual careers in the making / by Michelle Hespe Career FAQs Industrial Design lets you look into the world of more than 25 industrial designers. Some are self-employed, built their own business, others collaborate across large design teams, but all tell their stories in this book to help you decide if this creative and satisfying career is for you. Read interviews with an industrial designer, product development manager...

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McGraw-Hill, 2011.- 490 p. - ISBN: 978-0-07-162923-2 (Second Edition) Книга посвящена последним достижениям в области универсального дизайна. Второе издание справочника полностью обновлено примерами глобальных стандартов и решений универсального дизайна, охватывает весь его спектр. Эта работа объединяет богатое разнообразие опыта со всего мира для обсуждения чрезвычайно быстрого роста и изменений в универсальном дизайне. Это уникальный ресурс вк...

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Projects and multiproject programs are vital to all business, industrial, and governmental organizations. They are the vehicles for achieving the strategic goals of every complex organization. How to best manage these projects and programs has been the subject of hundreds of books, articles, conferences, and seminars over the past several decades. This book presents a unique view of project management from the total company viewpoint based on suc...

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