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Dudek Ronald W. High-Yield Embryology (USMLE)
Изд: Williams & Wilkins 2nd edition, 1996 -151 p.
East Carolina University, Greenville, NC. Concise exam review on embryology for USMLE preparation. Assumes background knowledge of the discipline. Numerous illustrations. DNLM: Embryology examination question
Рrefertilization event
Female gametogenesis
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Лекция - Human embryology

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Лекция по дисциплине гистология, второй курс медицинского университета для студентов иностранного отделения и студентов обучающихся на английском языке. The plan: Periodization of embryogenesis. Progenesis. Morphofunctional characteristic of mature sexual cells of human being. Fertilization and formation of zygote. Fragmentation and formation of blastula. Implantation and its stages. Gastrulation and its phases. Embryonic histogenesis.

Johnson Martin H. Essential Reproduction

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Sixth edition. 2007 M.H. Johnson and B.J. Everitt, Published by Blackwell Publishing There have been some spectacular advances in our understanding of the reproductive processes since the last edition. This progress has been due, in part, to the application to reproductive studies of the expanding range and sensitivity of the techniques of molecular biology, especially genomics, epigenetics and proteomics, as well as a much clearer understanding...

Sadler Thomas. Langman’s Medical Embryology

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First published in 1963, this comprehensive text on embryology has long been respected for its scientific authority, pedagogy, and clinical relevance to medical education. Known for its outstanding illustrations and clear and concise writing, the text covers almost all aspects of embryology that would be of interest to medical students and their instructors. The Ninth Edition follows the organization of previous editions, first structured by chro...