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Engineering design handbook. Design for control of projectile flight characteristics. АМСР 706-242
(Пособие по инженерному проектированию. Проектирование внешнебаллистических характеристик снаряда. АМСР 706-242).
U.S. Army Materiel Command pamphlet. - Nо. 706-
242. — Washington: U.S. army materiel command. 1966. -136 p.
This handbook is conceed with the design of projectiles fired from guns. The projectiles considered arc of greater size and weight than can normally be fired from a hand-held weapon, and they are not equipped with guidance systems. It will be assumed that they are bodies of revolution, sometimes equipped with fins, and fly in the general direction of the longitudinal axis.
Chapter I. Introduction.
Chapter II. Trade-off's.
Chapter III. Aerodynamic coefficients.
Chapter IV. Trajectory calculations.
Chapter V. Choice of method of stabilization.
Chapter VI. Rocket-assisted projectiles.
Chapter VII. Liquid-filled projectiles.
Chapter VIII. Range testing of prototype projectiles.
Chapter IX. Manufacturing tolerances.
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