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English Первое сентября 2010 №09
Газета для тех кто преподает и изучает английский язык. Сканированная копия. 01-15 мая 2010г, №9
News In Brief:
Free Inteet to boost libraries
Teachers Forum:
Уроки войны
Peace as a matter of top priority
Methods Of Teaching:
Building up vocabulary through card games
Игровые методы на уроках английского языка
Erin Bouma's recommended
Classroom Actvities:
Jazz up your lesson
You can't do without them
Lesson Plans:
Asking the way
Texts For Reading:
German Harry
WWII in literature
Staklingrad battle
Of animals and me
For Young Leaers:
Five little chicken
The song of the bee
Focus On Language:
What is an idiom?
Language for living
Fve-minute tests
Grammar tests. 5th form
You English Section:
"I am crying, but I don't regret"
Our Zoyushka
"We, Russian women, can withstand all"