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English Первое сентября 2010 №22
Газета для тех кто преподает и изучает английский язык. Сканированная копия. 16-30 ноября 2010г. №22
News In Brief:
Uniting snail mail and e-mail
Discovering The Past:
Saint Andrew's Day in Scotland
Texts For Reading:
Fake or genuine?
The truth about world-famous paintings
Teachers Forum:
Never say never, never say always
Business English:
Why flying with children
Can spoil a dream trip?
Classroom Activities:
You're beautiful
Streeeetch your mind
Учебное чтение
Lesson Plans:
Town life. Scotland
School Theatre:
Вересковый мёд
My fair lady
Test your grammar
Five-minute tests
Focus On Literature:
John Fowles, The Magus
Youth English Section:
East or West - Home Is Best: Stary Oskol welcomes you
"How to tie a tie?"