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English Первое сентября 2010 №23
Газета для тех кто преподает и изучает английский язык.
Сканированная копия.
1-15 декабря 2010г. №23
Topic: Christmas
Why do we love Christmas?
Cristmas origins
Christams facts
History of the Advent calender
Christmas supeerstitions
Christmas carols and songs
Lyrics (excerpts)
Christmas quotes
Christmas cards
Christmas Jokes
Funny Christmas quotes
Christmas poems
Christmas quiz
Focus On Language:
Christmas crossword
Texts for reading:
A star performance
From the UK film industry
A puppy
A cold welcome
His master's voice
Teachers Forum:
different way of motivating students
Methods Of Teaching:
Writing song in A la
Creating stories with children
Teaching English at 15 months - are you crazy?
Busness English:
Negotiation strategies


Christams webfinds
A quick fact guide to the Christmas holiday
Classroom Activities:
Suntise Avenue
Prepositions of Time
Lesson Plans:
New Year party
Christmas party
Quotation mark
English grammar test
Fve-minute tests

Youth English Section:

Daily routine
The NY Toy's Store
20 ways to conguse Canta Claus?