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English Первое сентября 2011 №02
Газета для тех кто преподает и изучает английский язык.
Сканированная копия.
16-31 января 2011г. №2
News In Brief:
Primary school bee project
Published by Royal Society
Texts For Reading:
Searching back in time for clues to global warming
Truth and lies
Methids Of Teaching:
Business language in ESP curriculum
Применение компьютерной программы
Triple play plus in English
EFL terminology
Business English:
Mass paperback publisher goes all digital
Турнир по лингво-страноведению. Round "B"
Classroom Activities:
Computer failure
Lesson Plans:
My favourte pastime
Preparing For Exams:
Authentic tasks and authentic texts
Тренировачное задание №1
Alphabetical Jouey:
Bewitching B
Browsing the year
Bewildering world
Bounteous language
Birthday cake
Believe it or not
Beautiful toys amd games for brain
Breezy songs
"B" activities for young leaers
Focus literature:
Behn Aphra
J.R.R. tolkien's Legendrium literally
School Theatre:
The chinese New Year
Five on the island
Внутришкольный контроль
Five-minute tests
Discovering The World:
Beefeater's life
Youth English Section:
All at once: to see the spectacular Vaigatch and to appear on the edge of the fifteen metre abyss!
Business studies