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English Первое сентября 2012 №01 + приложения
Первое сентября, 2012 г.- 64 с.
Very interesting and useful newspaper for the Teachers of English. It's mostly in English tha't why it can be used not only by Russian-speakers.
Besides the archive contains some extra materials on the topics of the issue:
Be an Active Teacher .doc
E-Leing. Innovate, Engage, Inspire .doc
English Club
Letter R:
R STATE QUIZ: Rhode Island .doc
Rain related phrases and idioms .pps
A few facts on rainforests .pps
Respected Authors .doc
Rewordings .doc
Riddles .doc
Rock'n'Roll .pps
Devil's Dictionary R.doc
Writing Letters. - pps
Сказки об английском глаголе:
The Present Indefinite Tense .pps