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English Первое сентября 2012 №02 + приложения
Первое сентября, 2012 г. - 62 с.
Very interesting and useful newspaper for those who teach and study English. It's mainly in English so it will be useful not only for Russian-speakers.
Besides in the archive you'll find some extra materials on the topic of the issue
In this issue:
news In brief
Exam System Too Commercial, Says Private Schools Body
Texts for reading
UK Wind Power Energised by Japan's Ј600m Investment Plans
Rites of Passage
Teachers forum
Secrets of Success
Methods of teaching
От чтения к письму: развитие навыков письма в начальной школе
Сказки об английском глаголе как один из приемов формирования грамматических навыков младших школьников
Королевство The Present Continuous Tense
EFL Terminology
focus on language
Suitable for Selected
Sport: A Soccer Match
Sport (викторина)
Developing Your Style
Semantic Gradients
Crossword for Smart
Lesson plans
The Bolshoi Theatre
Preparing for exams
Тренировочные упражнения для подготовки к ЕГЭ
classroom activities
English Club
Игра для закрепления изученного материала
Creative writing
Alphbetical jouey Strong Letter
Focus on Literature
J. R. R. Tolkien's Legendarium Literally
school Theatre
Neighbors in Space
The Three Little Pigs. and Little Red Riding Hood
discovering the World
Stars, Sun, Solar System
From WOW to HOW
Youth English section
San Francisco
All That Musi
Extra materials:
American Mosaic.pps:
Soccer in America
Spy Museum
Space Race
Summer Camps
English Club
Letter S:
S State Quiz: South Carolina; South Dakota
Saga .doc
Store is no sore .doc
Suitable for Selected .doc
Сказки об английском глаголе
Present Continuous Tense .pps
Тренировочные упражнения к ЕГЭ
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