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English Первое сентября 2012 №10 Электронное приложение
English Первое сентября 2012 №10 Электронное приложение
01. Methods of Teaching. Grammar Smile
Глагол HAVE GOT, HAS GOT; Глагол TO BE
Глагол HAVE GOT, HAS GOT; Глагол TO BE. Сопровождение к презентациям
02. Classroom Activities. English Club
03. Creative Writing. Mindscapes
In Your Mind. Carol Ann Duffy
Аudio: In your mind. Carol Ann Duffy
04. Topical Jouey. House & Home
Bedroom; From Skara Brae to dream houses of our time; Garden;
History of staircases; Home. Exercises;
Word by word dictionary;
Animals 'houses'; Unusual houses
Additional files
British houses history; Conversation questions on house and home; Falling water;
Famous houses; Frank Lloyd Wright; Fuished room. Script; Getting comfortable with
architecture; Guess what; Homes for rich people; Horseshoes; House songs; Lesson plan.
Catering to multiple intelligences; Poetry; Quotes; These meaningful words; Toefl essays;
Useful links; Vocabulary. Rooms; Wander around your house; What has changed;
Buying a house. Roleplay; Dream House; Home sweet home; Houses; Kitchen; Living
room; Rooms in a home. Flashcards; Rooms in a house; Things in the kitchen;
Vocabulary. Living-room & bedroom; Where are they; Where do you sleep;
05. Discovering the World. Thoreau Cabin
Walden, chapter 1 text - Economy