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English Первое сентября 2016 №01 электронное приложение к журналу
Приложение к журналу "English" .Сегодня в номере :
Why H Is the Most Contentious Letter in the Alphabet.
A School Festival.
Field Notes: Give me a Word List!
Making It Strange: Literature and Culture Shock.
Language Awareness in the English Classroom.
Маленькая частичка большого слова — Отрывки из книги «Занимательный английский».
U. K. Slang for Inteational Students.
English Two-Word Phrases.
Conversational Questions.
Folk Tales around the World.
Benin: The Motorcycles of Benin.
Botswana: A Poet’s Story.
Superstitions in England.
Getting around Britain. The Hadrian Wall.
The Butterfly Lion.
The Gift of Common Sense.
Preparing for IELTS.
The Time to Rhyme.
The Flour Sack.
The Muscovy Trading Company and St. Andrew’s Communion.
Two Houses under One Roof.
Youth English Section: Accent as a Geographical and Social Indicator.
Тексты для чтения.
Тесты и упражнения для подготовки к ЕГЭ и ГИА.