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Farance F., Tonkel J. Learning Technology Systems Architecture / Архитектура информационно-обучающих систем
This Architecture Specification describes the high-level system design and the components of the Leaing Technology Systems Architecture (LTSA). The LTSA specification covers a wide range of systems, commonly known as leaing technology, computer-based training, electronic performance support systems, computer assisted instruction, intelligent tutoring, education and training technology, metadata, etc.. The LTSA specification is pedagogically neutral, contentneutral, culturally neutral, and platform-neutral. The LTSA specification (1) provides a framework for understanding existing and future systems, (2) promotes interoperability and portability by identifying critical system interfaces, (3) incorporates a technical horizon (applicability) of at least 5-10 years while remaining adaptable to new technologies and leaing technology systems. The LTSA is neither prescriptive nor exclusive. Many systems can satisfy the requirements of the LTSA specification (see section 10, Conformance) although they don't provide all the components, have differing organizations, or have differing designs.
Each section of this Specification begins with an overview that provides an "executive" summary. Section 1.3, Road Map, provides a directory of topics of interest and is required reading for selected stakeholders. See Section 3.1, Definitions, for LTSA-specific terminology and Section 11.2, Glossary, for any other unfamiliar terminology.
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