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Finlayson-Pitts B.J., Pitts J.N., Jr. Chemistry of the Upper and Lower Atmosphere. Theory, Experiments, and Applications
Academic Press. 2000. 993 p.

Here is the most comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of one of the hottest areas of chemical research. The treatment of fundamental kinetics and photochemistry will be highly useful to chemistry students and their instructors at the graduate level, as well as postdoctoral fellows entering this new, exciting, and well-funded field with a Ph.D. in a related discipline (e.g., analytical, organic, or physical chemistry, chemical physics, etc.). Chemistry of the Upper and Lower Atmosphere provides postgraduate researchers and teachers with a uniquely detailed, comprehensive, and authoritative resource. The text bridges the "gap" between the fundamental chemistry of the earth's atmosphere and "real world" examples of its application to the development of sound scientific risk assessments and associated risk management control strategies for both tropospheric and stratospheric pollutants.


Overview of the Chemistry of Polluted and Remote Atmospheres
The Atmospheric System
Spectroscopy and Photochemistry: Fundamentals
Photochemistry of Important Atmospheric Species
Kinetics and Atmospheric Chemistry
Rates and Mechanisms of Gas-Phase Reactions in Irradiated Organic- NOx - Air Mixtures
Chemistry of Inorganic Nitrogen Compounds
Acid Deposition: Formation and Fates of Inorganic and Organic Acids in the Troposphere
Particles in the Troposphere
Airboe Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Their Derivatives: Atmospheric Chemistry and
Toxicological Implications
Analytical Methods and Typical Atmospheric Concentrations for Gases and Particles
Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Chemistry in the Stratosphere
Scientific Basis for Control of Halogenated Organics
Global Tropospheric Chemistry and Climate Change
Indoor Air Pollution: Sources, Levels, Chemistry, and Fates
Applications of Atmospheric Chemistry: Air Pollution Control Strategies and Risk Assessments for Tropospheric Ozone and Associated Photochemical Oxidants, Acids, Particles, and Hazardous Air Pollutants
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