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Friedmann T., Dunlap J.C., Goodwin S.F. (Eds.) Advances in Genetics, Volume 73
Academic Press, 2011, 268 pages

Genes interact with environment, experience, and the biology of the brain to shape an animal's behavior. This latest volume in Advances in Genetics, organized according to the most widely used model organisms, describes the latest genetic discoveries in relation to neural circuit development and activity.
Explores latest topics in neural circuits and behavior research in zebrafish, drosophila, c.elegans, and mouse models.
Includes methods for testing with ethical, legal, and social implications.
Critically analyzes prospects future prospects.

Drosophila Models of Parkinson’s Disease
Cell Cycle Regulated Gene Expression in Yeasts
RNA Editing by Mammalian ADARs
Cell Entry of Enveloped Viruses 121
Franc?ois-Loic Cosset and Dimitri Lavillette
Take It or Leave It: What Axons Do Not Need to Survive
Restless Genomes: Humans as a Model Organism for Understanding Host-Retrotransposable Element Dynamics
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