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Gall Timothy L., Gall Susan B. Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Canadian Provinces
U·X·L, 2004 - 276 p. ISBN10: 0787691968 ISBN13: 9780787691967 (eng)

Arranged by 40 consistent subheadings so students can quickly compare facts, this comprehensive resource provides up-to-date information on all of Canada's provinces and territories. Users will easily find details on Canada's arts, climate, govement, health, languages, notable persons, ethnic groups and much more. Also featured are:
* 72 photos
* 24 charts
* A 20-page overview of Canada
* A subject index and a glossary
* Two new profiles
* 1998 population, economic, and election figures
* Web sites included in the bibliographies
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The Canadian Historical Review, Volume 89, Number 4, December 2008, pp. 503-540 (Article) Published by University of Toronto Press This article analyzes the Canadian government’s use of military force to suppress the anti-conscription Easter Riots that occurred in Quebec City between 28 March and 1 April 1918. The riots demonstrated French-Canadian dissatisfaction with the national war effort and the introduction of conscription, and exacerbate...

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University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division, 2003 - 392 p. ISBN10: 0802037305 ISBN13: 9780802037305 (eng) Fields of Fire offers a stunning reversal of accepted military history. Terry Copp challenges and refutes the conventional view that the Canadian contribution to the Battle of Normandy was a 'failure': that the allies won only through the use of 'brute force,' and that the Canadian soldiers and commanding officers were essenti...

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Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 2005 - 370 р. Product Description: First published in 1993, The Generals: The Canadian Army's Senior Commanders In The Second World War is the award-winning, classic collective biography of the Canadian army's leaders during the second World War, and the only book of its kind to date. Written by Canadian military history expert J. L. Granatstein, The Generals scrutinizes the nature of the Canadian army over...

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Univ of British Columbia Press, 2003 - 426 p. ISBN10: 0774810084 ISBN13: 9780774810081 (eng) The extended peace the world anticipated following the decisive Allied victory in the Second World War was abruptly shattered in June 1950 by the invasion of South Korea by communist North Korea. Responding to a United Nations’ call to assist the South Korean regime, Canada deployed an 8000-man brigade to the peninsula to fight as part of an American-led...

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Voyageur Press, 2011 - 320 p. ISBN10: 0760340080 ISBN13: 9780760340080 (eng) To be given an opportunity to write about Canadian Pacific Railway is a great privilege. It is, justifiably, one of the best-documented companies in North America, and my bookshelves have been groaning under the weight of the books written by others about its history. I am grateful to all of them for providing material for me to draw on. I hope that readers who are not...

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Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009. - 308 p. Product Description: This book studies the relations between Britain and Canada from the end of the First World War to the Imperial Conference of 1926. It is concerned principally with the problems of imperial co-operation and consultation in foreign affairs and defence policy, and with the pressures developing out of these problems to reformulate the constitutional relations of Britain and...