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Gonçalves P.A.D., Peres N.M.R. An Introduction to Graphene Plasmonics
World Scientific, 2016.
Книга ориентирована на студентов, аспирантов и научных работников, интересующихся графеновой наноплазмоникой. Доступно излагаются основные теоретические положения теории поверхностных плазмонных волн в графене.

This book is meant as an introduction to graphene plasmonics and aims at the advanced undergraduate and graduate students entering the field of plasmonics in graphene. In it different theoretical methods are introduced, starting with an elementary description of graphene plasmonics and evolving towards more advanced topics. This book is essentially self-contained and brings together a number of different topics about the field that are scattered in the vast literature. The text is composed of eleven chapters and of a set of detailed appendices. It can be read in two different ways: Reading only the chapters to get acquainted with the field of plasmonics in graphene or reading the chapters and studying the appendices to get a working knowledge of the topic. The study of the material in this book will bring the students to the forefront of the research in this field.
Electromagnetic Properties of Solids in a Nutshell.
Surface Plasmon–Polaritons at Dielectric–Metal Interfaces.
Graphene Surface Plasmons.
Excitation of Graphene Surface Plasmons.
Launching Plasmons Using a Metallic Antenna.
Plasmonics in Periodic Arrays of Graphene Ribbons.
Plasmons in Graphene Nanostructures and in One-dimensional Channels.
Excitation of Surface Plasmon–Polaritons Using Dielectric Gratings.
Excitation of Plasmons by an Emitting Dipole.
Concluding Remarks.