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Greisler B. Photographer's Guide to the Digital Lifecycle: Real-life workflow scenarios for managing still and motion photography assets
New Riders, 2011. - 289 pages. На англ. языке. Руководство по эффективной организации и управлению банком работ фотографа.
Photographers, videographers, and other creative content makers are dealing with a new world of media that presents the challenge of managing all their raw and prepared data produced in the creative process. The framework for managing this data must go beyond Digital Asset Management (DAM) to the holistic data lifecycle perspective.
This book will help you organize and process your creative data in a way that protects it from the time of conception through to archiving it. You will lea how to control your information so it remains easy to find and is quickly available to you. This book will also help you keep your digital files
safe and useable now and in the future.