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Groves Arthur D. Method for computing the first-round hit probability for an antitank weapon with spotting rifle control
(Гровс Aртур Д. Метод вычисления вероятности попадания первым выстрелом для противотанкового оружия с использованием пристрелочно-трассирующих боеприпасов.)
Report. Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland: Ballistic research laboratories. 1963. 71 p.
An extensive and detailed analysis is made of the factors which contribute to the accuracy of a spotting rifle controlled antitank weapon. The manner in which each source of error contributes to the total error is discussed, and two methods of computing quasi-combat first-round hit probability are presented. The entire method is illustrated by a complete determination of the hitting potential of the 106 mm recoilless rifle (M40) using the .50 caliber spotter (Мб) under an assumed quasi-combat environment.