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Hasegawa N. Development of а Passive, Wireless Sensor System. Application of Magnetoelastic Materials for Environmental Monitoring
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2010, 164 p. ISBN: 978-3-8383-6874-0

This thesis describes the development of а prototype passive, wireless sensor system based оn magnetoelastic sensor technology. The application of the sensor system is aimed at the measurement of humidity levels in sealed containers and structures, in particular the detection of moisture ingress in building structures. The system uses magnetoelastic sensor elements as is commonly used in commercial electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems for the prevention of shoplifting. Magnetoelastic Metglas (c) 2826МВ material is evaluated and it is shown that the application of а magnetic bias field of the appropriate magnitude is critical for optimum sensor performance. The sensors сап Ье activated for the detection of water vapour Ьу the application of ап appropriate chemical interface layer. А polyvinyl alcohol (PVА) layer was found to produce а resonant frequency response of approximately 50 Hz/RH(%). ТЬе design and construction of а portable electronic sensor reader is described and it is shown that the reader сап successfully interrogate the sensor inside sealed spaces at practical distances. ТЬе construction of а practical humidity sensor using а ру А coating and the humidity response of the sensor system is then calibrated using а commercial humidity sensor. The system showed good response over the 0 - 100 % relative humidity range, with some non linearity observed at high humidity levels. ТЬе completed sensor system was then evaluated for practical applications including measurements inside а sealed food container as well as inside а wall cavity. Тhе results indicated that the constructed system was capable of measuring humidity with reasonable accuracy in such applications.

Design and Construction of а Handheld Magnetoelastic Sensor Reader.
Development of Magnetoelastic Sensors.
Summary and Conclusions.
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