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Hayashi H. Techniques for drawing female manga characters
Publisher: Graphic-Sha. 2000. — 128 pages. — ISBN-10: 476611146X.
В данной книге описывется техника рисования женских анимешных персонажей. Книга с хентайным уклоном. Много рисунков голых девушек в различных позах, в различной одежде.
This is the book if your having trouble with females characters or looking to improve it some more.
All of the other people complaining about nudity should just stfu. If they're in clothing how do you get the details you really need to improve your drawings. You have to be mature enough to know that it's art, not po.
There's a difference. It's the human body for god's sake.you have one don't you? Everyone is a human so why the hell are you complaining about a human body o.O If you don't want to "perfect" your females characters look at some other crap, but if your really willing, why care about the nude females. You are here to draw and not just flip through it to get hoy and jack/jill off.
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