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IEA Statistics. Natural Gas Information 2011
OECD/IEA, 2011. - 650 pages.

A detailed reference work on gas supply and demand covering not only the OECD countries but also the rest of the world, this publication contains essential information on LNG and pipeline trade, gas reserves, storage capacity and prices. Natural Gas Information is one of a series of annual IEA statistical publication on major energy sources

The main part of the book concentrates on OECD countries, showing a detailed supply and demand balance for each country and for the three OECD regions, as well as a breakdown of gas consumption by end-user Import and export data are reported by source and destination
Table of contents.
Introductory information.
1 Introduction.
2 Recent data revisions.
3 Definitions.
4 sources and notes.
5 Country notes.
6 Geographical coverage.
7 Abbreviations and conversion factors.
Part i: Natural gas market review.
Part iI: World overview.
Graphs 1 and 2: World natural gas production and consumption by region.
Tables 1 and 2: World natural gas production (in Mcm and in Tj).
Tables 3 and 4: World natural gas consumption (in Mcm and in Tj).
Tables 5 and 6: World natural gas consumption for power generation (in Mcm and in Tj).
Tables 7 and 8: World imports of natural gas (in Mcm and in Tj).
Tables 9 and 10: World exports of natural gas (in Mcm and in Tj).
Tables 11-18: World natural gas imports by origin (in Mcm) 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.
Tables 19-26: World natural gas pipeline imports by origin (in Mcm) 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.
Table 27: World liquefied natural gas imports by origin (in Mcm) 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.
Table 28: World Lng terminals.
Table 29: World gas storage capacity.
Table 30: World reserves of natural gas.
Part iii: Oecd overview.
Table 1: share of natural gas in Oecd energy production.
Table 2: share of natural gas in Oecd energy consumption.
Tables 3 and 4: Oecd gdp and industrial production index.
Tables 5 and 6: Oecd natural gas supply per unit of Gdp and per capita.
Table 7: Key energy and Co2 emissions data for Oecd countries in 2009.
Tables 8 and 9: Natural gas import prices into Europe by pipeline (in Us$/Mbtu and in national currency/Mbtu).
Tables 10 and 11: Lng import prices into Europe (in Us$/Mbtu and in national currency).
Tables 12: Lng import prices into japan and Korea (in Us$/Mbtu).
Tables 13: Lng and natural gas import prices into Usa (in Us$/Mbtu).
Tables 14: Lng import prices into Japan and Korea (in national currency/Mbtu).
Table 15: Natural gas prices for industry in national currency.
Table 16: Natural gas prices for households in national currency.
Table 17: Natural gas prices for electricity generation in national currency.
Table 18: Natural gas prices for industry in Us Dollars.
Table 19: Natural gas prices for households in Us dollars.
Table 20: Natural gas prices for electricity generation in Us dollars.
Table 21: Price comparison for competing fuels for industry (in Us dollars/toe).
Table 22: Price comparison for competing fuels for households (in Us dollars/toe).
Table 23: Price comparison for competing fuels for electricity generation (in Us dollars/toe).
Part iv: Oecd Detailed natural gas dAta.
Oecd total.
Oecd americas.
Oecd asia Oceania.
Oecd europe.
Iea total.
Iea americas.
Iea asia Oceania.
Iea europe.
Czech Republic.
New Zealand.
Slovak Republic.
United Kingdom.
United States.
Part v: Historical time series for oecd countries.
Table 1: Natural gas production.
Table 2: Natural gas imports.
Table 3: Natural gas exports.
Table 4: Natural gas consumption.
Table 5: Natural gas consumption in transformation.
Table 6: Natural gas consumption in energy industry own use.
Table 7: Natural gas final consumption.
Table 8: Natural gas consumption in transport.
Table 9: Natural gas consumption in industry.
Table 10: Natural gas consumption in other.
Part vI: Maps of pipeline infrastructure – Organisation and regulation of gas transportaTion.
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