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Interior ballistics of guns. Engineering design handbook. AMCP 706-150
(Внутренняя баллистика ствольных систем. Справочник по инженерному проектированию. Брошюра командования материально-технического обеспечения).
Army Materiel Command pamphlet - AMCP 706-150.
A series of brochures: Engineering design handbook.
Washington, D.C.: US Army Materiel Command, 1965, - 155 p.
This handbook Interior Ballistics of Guns, presents fundamental data, followed by development of the theory and practice of interior ballistics, with application to rifled, smooth-bore аnd recoilless guns. Included in the presentation are studies pertaining to heat transfer, temperature distribution and erosion, together w ith standard and experimental methods of measurements. Finally, ignition, flash and other special topics are explored.
This handbook has been prepared as an aid to scientists and engineers engaged in military research and development programs, and as a guide and ready reference for military and civilian personnel who have responsibility for the planning and interpretation of experiments and tests relating to the performance of military materiel during design, development and production.
Discussion of the problem.
Theory and practice of interior ballistics.
Heat transfer, temperature distribution and erosion of gun tubes.
Experimental methods.
Special topics.
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