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IS 15436 (Part 1): 2004 (ISO 11648-1: 2003) Indian Standard. Statistical aspects of sampling from bulk materials. Part 1. General principles
ISO 11648-1:2003 Аспекты статистические отбора проб сыпучих материалов. Часть
1. Общие принципы. Этот стандарт был рассмотрен и затем подтвержден в 2014 году.
This Indian Standard (Part 1) which is identical with ISO 11648-1:2003 ‘Statistical aspects of sampling
from bulk materials — Part 1 : General principles’ issued by the Inteational Organization for
Standardization (ISO) was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards on the recommendations of the
Statistical Methods for Quality and Reliability Sectional Committee and approval of the Management
and Systems Division Council.