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Jena P., Castleman A.W. (Eds.) Nanoclusters: A Bridge across Disciplines
Elsevier, 2010, 576 pages

This comprehensive book on Nanoclusters comprises sixteen authoritative chapters written by leading researchers in the field. It provides insight into topics that are currently at the cutting edge of cluster science, with the main focus on metal and metal compound systems that are of particular interest in materials science, and also on aspects related to biology and medicine. While there are numerous books on clusters, the focus on clusters as a bridge across disciplines sets this book apart from others.

Introduction to Atomic Clusters
Clusters: An Embryonic Form of Crystals and Nanostructures
Applications of the Cluster Method for Biological Systems
Cluster Structures: Bridging Experiment and Theory
Multiple Aromaticity, Multiple Antiaromaticity, and Conflicting Aromaticity in Planar Clusters
Reactivity and Thermochemistry of Transition Metal Cluster Cations
Hydrogen and Hydrogen Clusters Across Disciplines
Laser Induced Crystallization
Silica as an Exceptionally Versatile Nanoscale Building Material: (Si02)N Clusters to Bulk
Uncovering New Magnetic Phenomena in Metal Clusters
Metal Clusters, Quantum Dots, and Trapped Atoms: From Single-Particle Models to Correlation
Tailoring Functio nality of Clusters and Their Complexes with Biomolecules by Size, Structures, and Lasers
Interfacing Cluster Physics with Biology at the Nanoscale
Dynamics of Biomolecules From First Principles
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