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Keshet J., Bengio S. Automatic Speech and Speaker Recognition. Large Margin and Kernel Methods
Издательство Wiley, 2009, -257 pp.
Основные методы и алгоритмы, используемые в современных системах распознавания речи и диктора
1 Foundations
Theory and Practice of Support Vector Machines Optimization
From Binary Classification to Categorial Prediction
2 Acoustic Modeling
A Large Margin Algorithm for Forced Alignment
A Keel Wrapper for Phoneme Sequence Recognition
Augmented StatisticalModels: Using Dynamic Keels for Acoustic Models
Large Margin Training of Continuous Density Hidden Markov Models
3 Language Modeling
A Survey of Discriminative Language Modeling Approaches for Large
Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition
Large Margin Methods for Part-of-Speech Tagging
A Proposal for a Keel Based Algorithm for Large Vocabulary Continuous
Speech Recognition
4 Applications
Discriminative Keyword Spotting
Keel-based Text-independent Speaker Verification
Spectral Clustering for Speech Separation
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