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Klippel F., Preedy I., Wanders M. This Holiday is No Fun
Издательство Tandem. Книга рекомендована детям десяти лет и старше, которые учат английский язык как иностранный.
48 pages, полный текст аудиозаписи (аудио - здесь) цветные иллюстрации, упражнения и ответы.
- David at home
David is ten years old. He hasn't got a brother and he hasn't got a sister. He doesn't want a brother and he doesn't want a sister. Why? Because he wants all toys for himself.
- David's parents
- David's grandfather
- David's house
- A new laptop?
- A new bike?
- And a new TV set?
- No holiday this year?
- What about Euro Disnay?
- Off to the cottage
- At the cottage
- Catching dinner
- Making a fire
- The next day
- Cowboy bread
- Sleeping outside
- On and in the lake
- Picking berries
- Dangers in the forest?
Grandpa: "The forest is not a fun park, David. Some things look harmless, but they are really dangerous."
- An accident
- Help is coming
- Back at the cottage
- This holiday was fun!
- A holiday with Grandpa (Song)
- Grandfather's story
- Key
В аудиокнигу входит также песенка:
A holiday with Grandpa, hip, hip, hooray,
A holiday with Grandpa, that's OK.
He doesn't have a shower, no electricity,
He doesn't have a car, nor a TV.
He can make a fire and he can fish,
So they can have barbecue if they wish.
and so on
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