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Kricher J., Morrison G. Eastern Forests: A Field Guide to Birds, Mammals, Trees, Flowers, and More
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 1998. - 415 pages.

This latest edition to the "Peterson Field Guide" series seeks to train the reader to recognize pattes that define a woodland. Calling his book a "field guide to ecology, " Kricher introduces basic ecological concepts and describes notable field marks that define a particular environment. Twenty-seven types of forest communities east of the Rockies are described in terms of their characteristic indicator species. Illustrative plates, many of which are in color, accompany these descriptions. Seasonal processes within the forest are also discussed. This book, when used in conjunction with appropriate field guides, is an excellent introduction for the amateur naturalist who wants to see the forest as a whole. Recommended. Laurie Bartolini, Lincoln Lib. , Springfield, Ill.
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Мовчан Я.І. Методичні рекомендації з екологічно безпечної заготівлі (викошування) очерету

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/ Під ред. Я. І. Мовчана. — К.: Громадська організація "Срібна Чайка", 2007. - 56 с. Це видання створене зі щирим бажанням полегшити працю як заготівельника очерету, так і чиновника, який допомагає першому зорієнтуватись у вимогах чинного законодавства. Ви не знайдете тут наполегливих закликів "берегти природу", але ця книжка стане вірним поводирем серед різноманіття вимог і інструкцій, застереже від протиправних дій і зайвих витрат. Видання буде...

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Издательство: Salamander Books ISBN: 1840650834 Язык: Английский Год: 2001 Описание: Книга содержит описания более 250 древесных пород, произрастающих в различных раойнах мира. Описания видов сгруппированы по родам, расположенным в алфавитном порядке латинских наименований. Для каждой древесной породы приведены цветные рисунки, характеризующие внешний вид дерева, листьев и генеративных органов. Видовые описания включают информацию по высотам и мо...

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(2011) The recent discovery of diverse fossil flowers and floral organs in Cretaceous strata has revealed astonishing details about the structural and systematic diversity of early angiosperms. Exploring the rich fossil record that has accumulated over the last three decades, this is a unique study of the evolutionary history of flowering plants from their earliest phases in obscurity to their dominance in modern vegetation. The discussion provid...

Hesse, M. & others. Pollen Terminology

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An illustrated handbook. 2009, VI, 264 p. 500 illus. in color. ISBN 978-3-211-79893-5 This handbook is a fully illustrated compendium of glossary terms and basic principles in the field of palynology, making it an indispensable tool for all palynologists. The general chapter on pollen morphology, anatomy, and pollen development deals with essential aspects of palynology. Where appropriate, ambiguous or poorly recognized aspects are explained in g...

Kull T., Arditti J., Wong S.M. (Eds.) Orchid Biology: Reviews and Perspectives X

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Springer Science + Business Media, 2009, 446 Pages This is the 10th volume in a series which was initiated in 1977. Like previous volumes, it contains scientific peer reviewed reviews on topics dealing with orchids. These topics include 1) a history of orchid breeders in Singapore, 2) discussion of research on pollen effects on orchid flowers carried out a century ago by the German plant physiologist Hans Fitting in Bogor, Indonesia which led t...

The Interpretation Manual of European Union Habitats (NATURA2000). EUROPEAN COMMISSION DG ENVIRONMENT

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It is based on the version for EUR15, which was adopted by the Habitats Committee on 4. October 1999 and consolidated with the new and amended habitat types for the 10 accession countries as adopted by the Habitats Committee on 14 March 2002 with additional changes for the accession of Bulgaria and Romania as adopted by the Habitats Committee on 13 April 2007 and for marine habitats to follow the descriptions given in Guidelines for the establish...

Wild flowers of Hokkaido

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Японский иллюстрированный атлас-определитель высших сосудистых растений. Растения распределены по цвету генеративных органов. Содержит краткие и ёмкие описания растений (на японском языке) Представляет интерес для знакомства с хоккайдской флорой и принятой в Японии номенклатурой.