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Markvart T, Castafier L. (ed.). Practical Handbook of Photovoltaics: Fundamentals and Applications
Амстердам, ELSEVIER, 2003, -1012 p.
Photovoltaics is about to celebrate 50 years of its mode era. During this time, the industry has grown from small satellite power supplies to utility-scale systems that are now routinely installed in many countries of the world. Solar cells capable of producing power in excess of 500 MW were manufactured in 2002, providing electricity to a variety of applications ranging from small consumer products, power systems for isolated dwellings and remote industrial equipment to building-integrated solar arrays and megawatt-size power stations. This PracticaI Handbook of Photovoltaics addresses the need for a book that summarises the current status of know-how in this field. It represents a detailed source of information across the breadth of solar photovoltaics and is contributed to by top-level specialists from all over the world. Over 1,000 references, bibliographies and web sites guide the reader to further details, be it specific information for industrial production and research or a broad overview for policy makers. Thirty-seven chapters in the handbook cover topics from fundamentals of solar cell operation to industrial production processes, from molecular photovoltaics to system modelling, from a detailed overview of solar radiation to guidelines for installers and power engineers, and from architectural integration of solar cells to energy payback, C02 emissions and photovoltaic markets. Appendices include extensive bibliography and lists of standards, jouals and other sources of information which can be found in a printed or electronic form.
The main credit for this handbook must go to the 47 contributors who have produced a unique compilation of the contemporary knowledge in photovoltaic science and technology.
Our thanks go to our families for their patience and support without which this book would have never seen the light of day.
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