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Marshall Gerald F. Handbook of Optical and Laser Scanning
Handbook of Optical and Laser Scanning edited by Gerald F. Marshall consultant in Optics
Niles. - Marcel Dekker, Inc. New York, Basel, 2004. - 778 p.
Characterization of Laser Beams: The M2 Model
Optical Systems for Laser Scanners
mage Quality for Scanning
Polygonal Scanners: Components, Performance, and Design
Motors and Controllers (Drivers) for High-Performance Polygonal Scanners
Bearings for Rotary Scanners
Preobjective Polygonal Scanning
Galvanometric and Resonant Scanners
Flexures Pivots for Oscillatory Scanners
Holographic Barcode Scanners: Applications, Performance, and Design
Optical Disk Scanning Technology
Acousto-Optic Scanners and Modulators
Electro-Optical Scanners
Multichannel Laser Thermal Printhead Technology
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Bass Michael (Editor in Chief). Handbook of Optics, Volume I

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Michael Bass (Editor in Chief) Handbook of Optics, Volume I, Fundamentals, Techniques, and Design. Second Edition. - McGraw-Hill, inc. New York, San Francisco, Washington, 1995. – 1606 p. Contents: Geometric Optics, Physical Optics, Quantum Optics, Optical Sources, Optical Detectors, Imaging Detectors, Vision, Optical Information and Image Processing, Optical Design Techniques, Optical Fabrication, Optical Properties of Films and Coatings, Terres...

Bass Michael (Editor in Chief). Handbook of Optics, Volume II

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Michael Bass (Editor in Chief) Handbook of Optics, Volume II, Devices, Measurements and Properties, Second Edition. - McGraw-Hill, inc. New York, San Francisco, Washington, 1995. – 1496 p. Contents: Optical Elements, Optical Instruments, Optical Measurements, Optical and Physical Properties of Materials, Nonlinear and Photorefractive Optics

Hanamura E., Kawabe Y., Yamanaka A. Quantum Nonlinear Optics

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Springer-Verlag Berlin, 2007, 234 pages This graduate-level textbook gives an introductory overview of the fundamentals of quantum nonlinear optics. Based on the quantum theory of radiation, Quantum Nonlinear Optics incorporates the exciting developments in novel nonlinear responses of materials (plus laser oscillation and superradiance) developed over the past decade. It deals with the organization of radiation field, interaction between elect...

Hopkins R.E. e.a. Military Standardization Handbook MIL-HDBK-141. Optical Design

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Defense Supply Agency, Washington, DC, 1962. -714 p. ASIN: B003WITKLM This handbook was developed by the Department of Defence with the assistance of a leading optical manufacturer. Major contributions were made by persons who, by virtue of experience in their particular fields, are recognized as qualified authorities on the subject of optical design. This document provides engineering personel with an introduction to optical theory, and treats...

Jakubczak K. (ed.) Lasers - Applications in Science and Industry

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InTech. 2011. 286 p. The book starts with basic overview of physical phenomena on laser-matter interaction. Then it is followed by presentation of a number of laser applications in the nano-particles and thin films production, materials examination for industry, biological applications (in-vitro fertilization,tissue ablation) and long-range detection issues by LIDARs. Contents Preface Part 1 Thin Films and Nanostructures Nanoparticles and Na...

Robert W. Boyd Nonlinear optics

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Nonlinear optics is essentially the study of the interaction of strong laser light with matter. It lies at the basis of the field of photonics, the use of light fields to control other light fields and to perform logical operations. Some of the topics of this book include the fundamentals and applications of optical systems based on the nonlinear interaction of light with matter. Topics to be treated include: mechanisms of optical nonlinearity, s...

Weber M.J. Handbook of optical materials

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Издательство: CRC PRESS. 2003г. 499с. A compilation of the physical properties of optical materials used in optical systems and lasers. It contains extensive data tabulations but with a minimum of narration. References to original or secondary sources of the data are included throughout. The objective of the handbook is to provide a convenient, reliable source of information on the properties of optical materials The volume is divided into sect...

Welford W.T. Useful Optics

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  • добавлен 10 марта 2011 г.
The University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London, 1991, 140 c. Небольшого размера, но подробная книга по оптике. Содержит следующие главы: Useful Models of Optics Geometrical Optics Symmetrical Optical Systems Plane Mirrors and Prisms Optical Materials Aberrations Physical Optics and the Limits of Image Formation Illumination for Image-forming Systems Laser Beams Thin-Film Multilayers Interference and Interferometry Detectors and...

Wolf E. (ed) Progress in optics v. 9

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Amsterdam: North-Holland publishing company – 1971 – 422p. ISBN: 0 7204 1509 8 1. A. L. Bloom Gas lasers and their application to precise length measurement 2. A. J. Demaria Picosecond laser pulses 3. J. W. Strohbehn Optical propagation through the turbulent atmosphere 4. E. O. Ammann Synthesis of optical birefringent networks 5. L. Allen and D.G.C. Johnes Mode locking in gas lasers 6. V. M. Agranovich and V. L. Ginzburg Crystal optics with spat...

Wolf. E. (ed) Progress in Optics V. 45

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Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2003, 411p Anamorphic beam shaping for laser and diffuse light, N. Davidson, N. Bokor Ultra-fast all-optical switching in optical networks, I. Glesk, B.C. Wang, L. Xu, Baby, P.R. Prucnal Generation of dark hollow beams and their applications, J. Yin, W. Gao, Y. Zhu Two-photon lasers, D.J. Gauthier Nonradiating sources and other ginvisible h objects, G. Gbur Contents of Previous Volumes Lasing in disordered media, H. Cao