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Mcnaughton, A.R. Taz Selkup - the phonology and morphology of the verb
Mcnaughton, Alan Ross (1976). Taz Selkup - the phonology and morphology of the verb. Columbia University, Ph.D. 434 pgs.

This study is a synchronic investigation of the morphology of the entire verbal system of the Taz dialect of Selkup Samoyed through an attempt to account, as economically as possible, for the shapes of the verbal forms.

Synoptic Table of Contents:

The Grammatical Forms of the Verb
Finite Forms
Non-finite Forms
Aspectival Markers
Concluding Statement
Appendix A List of Inflectional Morphemes
Appendix B List of Derivational Morphemes
Appendix C List of Aspectival Morphemes
Appendix D List of Verbal Root Morphemes
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