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Mehmet Akçay, M. Adil Yükselen. Unsteady thermal studies of gun barrels during the interior ballistic cycle with non-homogenous gun barrel material thermal characteristics
(Мехмет Акчэй, М. Адиль Юкселен. Исследования нестационарных тепловых процессов в стволах во время внутрибаллистического цикла при неоднородных материалах ствола и тепловых характеристиках).
Joual of Thermal Science & Tec; 2014, Vol. 34 Issue.
2. p. 75-81.
In this study, unsteady heat transfer problem has been solved to calculate the temperature distribution of a machine gun barrel. Time dependent convective heat transfer coefficient to predict the entire wall temperature of the barrel wall has been calculated by means of inteal ballistic theory. The numerical solution of the differential equation was carried out by means of finite difference method. Thermal characteristics of the gun barrel material are considered to be temperature dependent. The study is extended also to cover the multi shot ballistic cycle, such that it would be possible to obtain the cook-off temperature of the gun. The numerical results are compared with the experimental results found in literature. The agreement between them is quite satisfactory.
Statement of the problem and goveing equations.
Radial Heat Transfer Model.
Initial and Boundary Conditions.
Numerical solution method.
Goveing Equation.
Initial and Boundary Conditions.
Numerical Solution Procedure.
Application of the method.
Self ignation of the propellants.
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