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Meigs J.F., Ingersoll R.R. Interior ballistics / Внутренняя баллистика
Baltimore, MD: Press and bindery of Isaac Friedenwald, 1887, - 132 p.
Text book for the use of cadets at the US naval academy.
Definitions. Proof of Powder and Comparison of Guns.
Properties of Gases.
The Force of Explosive Substances.
The Pressure produced by the Powder Gases in a Vessel whose
Capacity remains constant.
The Combustion of a Charge of Powder and the Law of Buing
of Grains of Varied Form in Free Air.
The General Equation of Motion in the Bore.
General Discussion and Properties of the Motion of a projectile in the bore
Practical Formulas for Initial Velocity and Maximum Pressure
The Influence of the Characteristics of the Powder on Velocity and Pressure.
Monomial Formula for Velocity. The Modulus of the Powder.
Pressure Curves.
The Rotation of Rifled Projectiles.
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