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Menon E.S. Liquid Pipeline Hydraulics
Mechanical Engineering: A Series of Textbooks and Reference Books, 173
Marcel Dekker, 2004. 286 p. ISBN:0824753178, 9780824753177

Written by a professional engineer and consultant with more than 30 years of experience in pipeline design and construction, the book Illustrates key principles in fluid mechanics without the use of complicated formulas and theorems through the author's personal experiences in the application of pipeline hydraulics. This volume supplies numerous practical examples and applications for an in-depth understanding of liquid properties, as well as the layout, assessment, and enhancement of effective pipeline systems.
Liquid Pipeline Hydraulics addresses issues affecting the day-to-day practices of those who design, operate, and purchase liquid pipelines in the oil, water, and process industries. 

Properties of Liquids 
Pressure Drop due to Friction
Pipe Analysis 
Pressure and Horsepower Required 
Multi-Pump Station Pipelines
Pump Analysis 
Pump Station Design
Thermal Hydraulics 
Flow Measurement 
Unsteady Flow in Pipelines
Pipeline Economics
Appendix A: Tables and Charts 
Appendix B: Answers to Selected Problems
Appendix C: Summary of Formulas
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