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Miller Lester L. А Checklist of Obsolete Artillery Firing Tables (US and Foreign)
Cписок вышедших из употребления таблиц артиллерийской стрельбы (американских и иностранных).
Fort Sill, Oklahoma: US army field artillery school, 1978. — 38 р.
This checklist of Morris Swett Library holdings on firing tables presents generalized information about their construction along with tabulated data on specific weapons. Part One covers U.S. weapons. Part Two conces foreign artillery weapons by class on a by-country basis, as suggested by the table of contents. If a specific firing table is owned, the "F.T." number is cited along with brief identifying information to introduce the relevant model. A fuller entry is shown if several calibers or models are covered in one book. Arrangement of this list is numerical, by bore diameter size (mm, cm, in, pdr), and model number within the caliber. Since this listing is not complete, respondents are encouraged to share data on any other weapons not shown.
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