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Mua ?! An Introduction to Gagana S?moa
(Автор неизвестен)
Auckland: Ministry of Education, 2009. - 379 p.

(+ Teachers' Guidelines)

T?lofa lava!
Welcome to the Leaing Languages Series, Mua ?! An Introduction to Gagana S?moa. This resource provides an integrated package of flexible entry-level resources for teachers, and for students who are new leaers of gagana S?moa (the Samoan language).
For many teachers this resource may be their first encounter with gagana S?moa. It is designed for
this purpose. It supports teachers to become facilitators in the classroom leaing along with, and in
some cases, from their students. Students who are speakers of gagana S?moa will be able to help the teacher and other students.
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