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Нелинейный анализ пробития армированного и неармированного бетона методом конечных элементов. Hansson H., Malm R. Non-linear finite element analysis of deep penetration in unreinforced and reinforced concrete
Research paper. – 22 p. Defence & Security, Systems and Technology, FOI Swedish Defence Research Agency
Penetration and perforation of concrete targets are studied by the use of numerical simulations to enhance the understanding of the penetration phenomenon. Comparisons were made with test results obtained for both reinforced and unreinforced 48.0 MPa normal strength concrete. The studied projectiles were made as generic models of penetrators for buried hardened target defeat. Varying impact velocities and angles for the penetrators were investigated. The simulations gave reasonable results for the different simulation cases, with the best results were obtained for reinforced concrete targets.
Penetration experiments.
Material models.
Numerical simulations.
Evaluation of penetration simulations.
Further research.
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