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Ohtsu M. (Ed.) Progress in Nanophotonics 1
Springer-Verlag Berlin, 2011, 236 pages

This book focuses on the recent progress in nanophotonics technology to be used to develop novel nano-optical devices, fabrication technology, and security systems. It begins with a review of the concept of dressed photons and applications to devices, fabrication, and systems; principles and applications. Further topics include: DNA process for quantum dot chain, photon enhanced emission microscopy, near field spectroscopy of metallic nanostructure, self-organized fabrication of composite semiconductor quantum dots, formation of metallic nanostructure, and nanophotonic information systems with security. These topics are reviewed by seven leading scientists. This overview is a variable resource for engineers and scientists working in the field of nanophotonics.
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Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2009 – 347 p. ISBN: 978-0-444-53350-0 1. Aegerter C. M. and Maret G. Coherent Backscattering and Anderson Localization of Light 2. Kartashov Y V., Vysloukh V A., and Torner L. Soliton Shape and Mobility Control in Optical Lattices 3. Gallion P., Mendieta F. and Shifeng Jiang S., Signal and Quantum Noise in Optical Communications and Cryptography 4. Min Yan, Wei Yan and Min Qiu, Invisibility Cloaking by Coordinate Transformati...

Yamane Masayuki, Asahara Yoshiyuki. Glasses for photonics

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  • добавлен 27 ноября 2010 г.
USA, Cambridge UniversityPress, November 2000; 281 pages. This book is an introduction to recent progress in the development and application of glass with special photonics properties. Glass has a number of structural and practical advantages over crystalline materials, including excellent homogeneity, variety of form and size, and the potential for doping with a variety of dopant materials. Glasses with photonic properties have great potential a...