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Orzel Chad. How to Teach Quantum Physics to Your Dog
Oxford: Oneworld,2010. - 296 c.
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Автор, в легкой и доходчивой, хотя и заставляющей думать, манере рассказывает читателю об основных фактах квантовой физики.
Orzell is at his best when explaining the general concepts of quantum physics to Emmy, who incidentally is very smart and is even biligual on account of her German ancestry. I got the impression that his dog is considerably brighter than most of his physics students. Where Orzell falls down, for me, is in the mind-numbing minutiae of the explanations. At these points, not even Emmy could get a bark in. However, I'm not a scientist, so perhaps this book speaks louder to those who naturally suit labcoats.