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Panhorst David W. How the degree of accuracy of an inertial measurement unit (IMU) influences the miss distance of a gun-launched precision munition
Панхорст Давид W. Как точность инерциальной системы влияет на точность боеприпасов ствольной артиллерии.
Thesis. — Monterey, CA: Naval Postgraduate School, 2011. — 93 p.
Precision Munition projectiles guide to an area to hit their target. The projectile must read position in-flight and measure deviations from the intended flight path. This allows the projectile to correct and maintain the intended trajectory. An Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) device measures the relative movement of a projectile throughout flight and measures the deviation from the intended path, enabling the projectile to course correct. The purpose of this thesis is to understand the degree to which the precision of the IMU influences the delivery accuracy of a gun-launched munitions. This research will model the influences of gyro bias stability and acceleration bias stability and quantify their effects.
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