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Передача австрийских технологий ковки артиллерийских стволов в СССР
Англ. Язык. Transfer of Austrian gun-barrel forging technology to the USSR
An intelligence Memorandum, 1982, -13 p.
The Soviets are using state-of-the-art rotary-forge technology and equipment imported from Austria to produce gun barrels for a wide variety of weapons. The USSR has bought at least 26 automated rotary forges for making gun barrels since the late 1960s from GFM, an Austrian firm that specializes in the manufacture of automated metalworking equipment. The Soviets use the same model of GFM equipment to produce gun barrels for the T-72 tank as the United States does for the M-1.
Soviet Acquisition of GFM Forces, 1967-74
Soviet attempts to acquire greater access to GFM technology
Further soviet purchases of GFM rotary forges, 1975-80
Soviet gun-barrel needs and product capacities